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1 QUARTERLY REPORT FOR THE QUARTER ENDED 30 SEPTEMBER 2006 Highlights Agreement entered int t acquire the Kri Kll CIL prcess plant frm a subsidiary f Newmnt Mining Crpratin fr US$11m Key equipment sizing is well matched t the 4-5mtpa prcessing rate currently envisaged fr the Sukari Prject The Sukari JORC cmpliant gelgical resurce upgraded t 6.79 millin unces f gld Increase f 3.85 millin unces r 131% abve the resurce statement at recmmencement f drilling in May 2005 Cst per unce discvered since recmmencement f drilling in May 2005 ~ US$3.60 Cnfirmatin f extensin f mineralisatin frm the Amun and Ra znes int the Pharah zne with higher grade nrth plunging re shts Near surface mineralisatin encuntered n eastern flank f Sukari Ptential t add significant unces up dip t the west f RCD g/t Au) Key persnnel appinted Drilling cntinues with 9 rigs n site and additinal 60,000m drilling prgram set

2 Feasibility Study ( BFS ) and Prcess Plant Acquisitin During the quarter Centamin Egypt Limited (the Cmpany ) made tw decisins with respect t the BFS, brught abut primarily by a rampant resurces sectr. These decisins were necessitated primarily due t the slw prgress being made with the study and cncerns with the rapid escalatin in cst and lead times fr majr prcessing plant items. Firstly the decisin was taken t discntinue with the services f Ausenc and t replace them with an experienced in huse team cmbined with the appintment f Rche Mining (JR) Pty Ltd. Secndly, after an extensive search and thrugh technical review, the Cmpany entered int an agreement t acquire the Kri Kll gld treatment plant. This decisin t purchase Kri Kll has been justified as we are nw advised that the lead time fr the manufacture f new mills has increased t 76 weeks, which tgether with delivery and installatin translates t in excess f 100 week lead time. Mst technical aspects f the BFS are nw essentially cmplete hwever further wrk n the impact f the purchase f the Kri Kll plant n capex and pex and the mine plan still need t be cmpleted. Further infrmatin and detailed implementatin schedules will be released as they becme available. Kri Kll Prcess Plant Centamin has entered int an agreement with a subsidiary f Newmnt Mining Crpratin, t acquire the Kri Kll CIL prcess plant fr US$11m. The acquisitin will be funded ut f existing cash reserves f the Cmpany. The Kri Kll plant is lcated in Blivia and was built and cmmissined by Minprc Engineers in The plant perated fr ten years and n-site inspectins by Centamin representatives have shwn the key plant cmpnents t be in excellent cnditin due t the site altitude prviding a nn-crrsive envirnment and the high standard f maintenance practices during peratin. Testing f the structural integrity f key plant items was als cmpleted prir t the signing f the agreement. Payment fr the plant is t be n a structured basis, pending the satisfactry cmpletin f certain events ccurring with title t pass nce the plant is delivered int Chile. The plant is ideally suited t the Sukari rebdy and key equipment sizing is well matched t the 4-5mtpa prcessing rate currently envisaged fr the Sukari prject. The acquisitin represents a key step frward in bringing the Sukari prject int prductin. Scpe f the Acquisitin The purchase includes: Crushing circuit primary gyratry crusher, rck breakers, stckpile feed cnveyr Grinding and classificatin circuit 28 Fuller SAG mill, 2 x 16 6 Fuller ball mills, mill inching drive, mill liner handling machine CIL (Leach and Adsrptin) circuit and carbn recvery equipment Thickening and prcess water area Envir Clear 75 diameter thickener Reagent plant - flcculant plant, caustic dsing system Gravity separatin circuit Sulphur dixide cyanide destructin plant Engineering design and cnstructin drawings Operating and maintenance manuals Spares inventry 2

3 The lcatin, mdular design and blted cnstructin f the plant will allw fr ease f dismantling and relcatin t Sukari. Newmnt s subsidiary has nging heap leach peratins at Kri Kll and, as such, sme equipment in the plant (elutin and stripping circuit) will nt be available fr sale. The scpe f intellectual prperty purchased with the plant will mean that the plant has been acquired as a fully engineered peratinal entity, prviding cnsiderable time and cst saving benefits in bringing the Sukari prject nline. All available engineering design, cnstructin drawings, peratin and maintenance manuals, maintenance prcedures and recrds and ther intellectual prperty (relevant t the design, cnstructin and peratin f the plant) is included as part f the sale. Relcatin Plan Rche Mining (JR) Pty Ltd has been appinted t manage the dismantling, transprtatin and refurbishment f the plant. The plant is currently being electrically islated t allw fr dismantling. This prcess will be cmpleted sequentially ver the next tw mnths and will then permit dismantling t cmmence. The plant will be trucked t the prt f Arica in Chile, shipped t Alexandria in Egypt fr refurbishment and then trucked t Sukari. New Persnnel Appintments Mr Bb Sinclair B. Sc. (Eng) Chemical Engineering Sukari Prject Develpment Manager Mr Sinclair has ver 40 years experience in engineering and cnstructin n prjects in mining and chemical industries. These prjects are lcated in the US, Australia, Canada, Asia and Africa and range in value frm US$30 millin t US$850 millin. Mr Sinclair has technical experience in senir management psitins with bth engineering cntractrs and with the wner s team and has managed pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, EPC and EPCM cntracts and direct hire jbs. Mr Sinclair mst recently wrked as the Area Manager, Infrastructure fr the Kniamb Nickel Prject in New Calednia and previusly as the EPC Manager and Acting General Manager f the Chiran Gld Mine in Ghana. Peter Evans Sukari Cnstructin Manager Mr Evans has in excess f 20 years experience in all facets f the cnstructin, upgrading, dismantling and relcatin f gld mining plants in Australia and verseas. Mr Evans is als experienced in negtiating and btaining develpment permits and apprvals with varius gvernment authrities and liaising with lcal stakehlders in rder t achieve favurable utcmes fr all participants and will be based in bth Blivia and Egypt, as necessity requires. Mr Mark Smith B. Bus. (Accy), CPA, MAICD Finance Manager Mr Smith has a Bachelr f Business undergraduate degree, with a majr in Accuntancy, btained frm the Queensland University f Technlgy and is a Certified Practicing Accuntant with 15 years pst-graduate experience acrss a wide variety f industries. He has held senir financial psitins with a number f Australian publicly listed cmpanies in the resurces sectr, mst recently as the CFO fr Grange Resurces Limited and prir t that fr Red Back Mining Inc. and Chiran Gld Mines Ltd in Ghana. Mr Smith has cnsiderable experience in prject financing, establishing accunting systems and cntrls fr prject develpment and peratins reprting and will be based in Egypt. Sukari Prject Resurce Mdelling The gld resurce increased during the quarter t g/t Au fr 6.79 Mz Au at a 0.5g/t Au cut-ff grade a 131% increase (3.85Mz) since the prject drilling recmmenced in May 2005 (Table 1). The cst per unce f the new resurce since re-cmmencement is US$3.60/z. 3

4 Table 1 Updated Mineral Resurce Sukari Prject Cut-ff Measured Indicated Inferred Ttal Ttal g/t Au Mt g/t Mt g/t Mt g/t Mt g/t Mz The resurces are estimates f recverable tnnes and grades using Multiple Indicatr Kriging with blck supprt crrectin. Measured resurces lie in areas where drilling is available at a nminal 25 x 25 metre spacing, Indicated resurces ccur in areas drilled at apprximately 25 x 50 metre spacing and Inferred resurces exist in areas f brader spaced drilling. The resurce estimate has been based n the sampling and gelgical lgging cming frm 647 diamnd and RC drill hles cmbining t give apprximately 130,000 metres f drilling and frm available assaying as at 21 July The resurce data set cmprises apprximately 66,400 tw-metre dwn hle cmpsites and rck chip samples. The mineral resurce estimate has been adjusted t present land surfaces (currently available and subject t change) and previus undergrund mining (very minr effect n ttal resurces). The resurce extends t a maximum f abut 700m belw surface. All resurces nrth f 11,200N are reprted as inferred. Significant areas f resurce increase ccurred at 11000N, 11100N and 11175N t 11550N. Drilling n sectins 11075N t 11100N intersected high grade mineralisatin frm 930RL t the 500RL. The zne f mineralisatin cnfirms the extensin f mineralisatin that ccurs t the suth in the Amun and Ra znes. Wrk Prgrammes Drilling cntinued in Pharah, Ra and Gazelle Znes, defining the cntinuatin f mineralisatin t the nrthern end f the utcrpping Sukari prphyry hill and increasing the ecnmic resurce base. Cntinuatin f significant surface mineralisatin identified in nrthern Pharah Zne frm 11,800N, and in znes suth f 11500N, indicating ttal strike length f ver 1000m. Significant intersectins received fr the quarter in a near surface envirnment include: RCD g/t Au frm 0m and 5.19g/t Au frm 71m RCD g/t Au frm 18m RCD g/t Au frm 65m and 1.48g/t Au frm 99m RCD g/t Au frm 55m RCD g/t Au frm 36m D g/t Au frm 18m D g/t Au frm 17m Resurce drilling als cnfirmed strng mineralisatin in the Ra and Pharah znes at depth. Drilling has intersected ecnmic tenr gld mineralisatin t 12000N. Sme f the better intersectins include: RCD g/t Au frm 229m RCD g/t Au frm 295m and 3.88g/t Au frm 315m RCD g/t Au frm 387m RCD g/t Au frm 133m and 2.23g/t Au frm 316m RCD g/t Au frm 242m (incl. 40.7g/t frm 242m) RCD g/t Au frm 164m (incl g/t Au frm 225m) RCD g/t Au frm 198m A new infill and resurce extensin drilling prgramme cmmenced, aimed at: Increasing resurce unces in the Amun and Ra znes inside a larger ptimised pit shell Testing the cntinuity f the near ftwall Amun and Ra znes t the nrth and utside the current pit limits Infilling and testing the near surface resurce in the Pharah Zne nrth f 11200N t the end f the prphyry hill. Testing the ftwall cntact and deeper Amun and Ra zne re extensins in this area as well Gelgical interpretatin, digitising and wire framing f the 3D gelgical mdel cntinued Majr database upgrade and validatin exercise cmpleted 4

5 Drilling Prgrammes The majrity f the drilling during the quarter was cmpleted nrth f 11200N in the Pharah Zne. Wrk has re-started in the Ra and Gazelle Znes, and will cntinue in the Pharah Zne during the next quarter (Figure 1). Figure 1 Resurce Infill and Extensin Prgramme, August - September Pharah Zne (11,200N 12,200N) Ecnmic gld mineralisatin was recrded in several hles near the surface during the quarter, crrespnding t mainly shallw east dipping vein sets, with sme cnjugate west dipping nes bserved in utcrp and drilling. Hles 611, 612 and 568 n 11250N, frm 10770E 10850E; and 610 n 11300N, returned strng surface Au, with weaker znes in hles 600, 565 and 569 (Table 1). Surface mineralisatin was als returned frm hles n sectins 11350N 11450N, cnfirming the suthern cntinuatin f the surface zne previusly defined nrth f 11500N. Assay results frm DD tails drilled in the Pharah Zne shw a west dipping structure becming mre significant frm 11500N. Utilising surface mapping, rck chipping and drilling infrmatin, a general pattern f shallw NW and NE dipping veins and shears has been interpreted, with sme flatter, znes f mineralisatin ccurring at depth. Future drilling is targeted at resurce definitin in and belw a shallw ptimised pit extending frm 11400N t 12000N, thereby increasing the size and cnfidence level f the surface resurce and imprve mining ecnmics. Several deeper hles are targeted at drilling thrugh t the FW, intersecting the nrthward cntinuatin f the Amun and Ra mineralisatin znes at depth. 5

6 Drilling cntinued in the Ra Gazelle znes, intersecting several znes f strng gld mineralisatin, cnfirming the extensin f gld mineralisatin nrthwards frm the Amun Zne. Drilling is primarily at an inferred resurce categry n 50m spaced sectins, with sme areas 25m spaced. Recently drilled hles and frm the Ahmed and Track 7 areas intersected mderate t strng lking mineralisatin in altered and sulphidic P6 and P1 res. Hle 690 drilled n 11025N vertically int the prphyry near the FW cntact intersected visible gld in a weathered pyrite crystal at 25-26m. Assay results are awaited. Current planned drilling is aimed at a significant resurce upgrade, increasing the size f the current pit design, extending mine life and lwering strip ratis, thereby imprving verall prject ecnmics. The nrthern extensin f the Ra and Amun Znes and mre cmplete testing f the ftwall are particularly targeted in this area (Figure 1). Rck Chip and Track Sampling Partial assay results have been returned frm recent rck chip sampling f the Mike, Upper Mike and Lwer Mike tracks in the nrthern part f the Pharah zne f the Sukari utcrp. Several strng znes f mineralisatin were mapped. Anmalism crrespnds t majr quartz veins and alteratin znes surrunding them. Mapping identified tw majr vein sets, a mderate NW and a NE dipping ne. Chip sampling has cnfirmed the mineralisatin assciated with these veins and alteratin znes and that they extend t the far nrth f the prphyry. Rck chip sampling cntinues n all tracks t help imprve understanding f the mineralisatin system. As the samples are taken frm track access that has been cut in alng the hill they d nt represent true width hwever they are f imprtance in that this mineralisatin is at surface and clse t the mst nrtherly pint f the utcrp. Table 2 Significant Assay Results, Rck Chip Samples, Mike Tracks Track Nrth Frm Nrth T East Frm East T Length Au ppm Nrth Mike Lwer Mike Nrth incl incl incl Central Mike Upper Mike Nrth incl Database / IT / GIS Century Systems and Sukari persnnel cmpleted a majr gelgical database upgrade, data validatin exercise, trubleshting and training visit during the quarter. An experienced GIS/cartgraphy Administratr cmmenced wrk full time n site, imprving in-huse map prductin, presentatin, data analysis, validatin and interpretatin capabilities. Fr Centamin Egypt Limited Jsef El-Raghy Managing Directr/CEO 31 Octber 2006 Fr mre infrmatin please cntact: Centamin Egypt Limited Bishpsgate Cmmunicatins Ltd Evlutin Securities Ph: + 61 (8) (0) (0) Jsef El-Raghy Maxine Barnes / Dminic Barrett Frank Mxn / Simn Edwards Infrmatin in this reprt which relates t explratin, gelgy, sampling and drilling is based n infrmatin cmpiled by gelgist Mr R Osman wh is a full time emplyee f the Cmpany, and is a member f the Australasian Institute f Mining and Metallurgy with mre than five years experience in the fields f activity being reprted n, and is a Cmpetent Persn fr this purpse. His written cnsent has been received by the Cmpany fr this infrmatin t be included in this reprt in the frm and cntext which it appears. The infrmatin in this reprt that relates t mineral resurces is based n wrk cmpleted by Mr Niclas Jhnsn, wh is a Member f the Australian Institute f Gescientists. Mr Jhnsn is a full time emplyee f Hellman and Schfield Pty Ltd and has sufficient experience which is relevant t the style f mineralisatin and type f depsit under cnsideratin and t the activity which he is undertaking t qualify as a Cmpetent Persn as defined in the 2004 editin f the "Australasian Cde fr Reprting f Explratin Results, Mineral Resurces and Ore Reserves". Mr Jhnsn cnsents t the inclusin in the reprt f the matters based n his infrmatin in the frm and cntext in which it appears. 6

7 Table 1 Significant Assay Intersectins, Sukari Prject July t September 2006 HOLE NORTH EAST DIP AZI EOH (m) FROM TO INT Au (g/t) D D D incl D incl D RC incl incl RC RC RC RC RC RCD incl RCD incl incl incl

8 RCD incl incl RCD RCD RCD RCD RCD incl incl RCD incl RCD incl RCD incl incl RCD incl RCD incl incl RCD incl RCD

9 RCD (cntinued) incl incl RCD incl RCD incl RCD RCD RCD incl RCD incl RCD RCD incl incl incl RCD incl incl

10 RCD (cntinued) incl RCD incl RCD RCD incl incl RCD incl RCD incl incl incl incl RCD incl RCD RCD incl RCD RCD incl RCD RCD

11 RCD RCD RCD incl Intersectins based n Cmpsite and Single Sample CUG f 0.5g/t; Max Internal Waste 3m. 11

12 Appendix 5B Mining explratin entity quarterly reprt Appendix 5B Mining explratin entity quarterly reprt Rule 5.3 Intrduced 1/7/96. Origin : Appendix 8. Amended 1/7/98, 30/9/2001. Name f Entity Centamin Egypt Limited ABN Quarter ended ( current quarter ) September 2006 Cnslidated statement f cash flws Centamin Egypt Limited Pharah Gld Mines NL (100%) Viking Resurces Ltd (100%) Nrth African Resurces (100%) Current Quarter Year t date Cash flws related t perating activities (3 mnths) $A 000 $A Receipts frm prduct sales and related debtrs 1.2 Payments fr (a) explratin and evaluatin (3,409) (3,409) (b) develpment (817) (817) (c) prductin - - (d) administratin (297) (297) 1.3 Dividends received Interest and ther items f a similar nature received Interest and ther csts f finance paid Incme taxes paid Other (prvide details if material) - - Net Operating Cash Flws (3,846) (3,846) Cash flws related t investing activities 1.8 Payment fr purchases f (a) prspects - - (b) equity investments - - (c) ther fixed assets (127) (127) 1.9 Prceeds frm sale f (a) prspects - - (b) equity investments - - (c) ther fixed assets Lans t ther entities *(Refer Nte 1) (4,140) (4,140) 1.11 Lans repaid by ther entities Other (prvide details if material) - - Net investing cash flws (4,051) (4,051) 1.13 Ttal perating and investing cash flws (carried frward) (7,897) (7,897) + See chapter 19 fr defined terms Appendix 5B Page 1 30/09/2001

13 Appendix 5B Mining explratin entity quarterly reprt 1.13 Ttal perating and investment cash flws (brught frward) (7,897) (7,897) Cash flws related t financing activities 1.14 Prceeds frm issues f shares, ptins, etc Prceeds frm sale f frfeited shares Prceeds frm brrwings *(Refer Nte 1) 4,140 4, Repayment f brrwings Dividends paid Other (prvide details if material) - - Net financing cash flws 4,353 4,353 Net increase (decrease) in cash held (3,544) (3,544) 1.20 Cash at beginning f quarter/year t date 54,455 54, Exchange rate adjustments t item Cash at end f quarter 51,157 51,157 *Nte 1 - Frm the March 2004 Quarter nwards, the funding f explratin expenditure by the Hlding Cmpany t its subsidiaries is als disclsed as an inter-entity lan under sectins 1.10 and 1.16 respectively. Payments t directrs f the entity and assciates f the directrs Payments t related entities f the entity and assciates f the related entities Current quarter $A Aggregate amunt f payments t the parties included in item Aggregate amunt f lans t the parties included in item Explanatin necessary fr an understanding f the transactins - Salaries, superannuatin cntributins, cnsulting and directrs fees paid t Directrs during the quarter amunted t $201, Mr S El-Raghy and Mr J El-Raghy are Directrs and sharehlders f El-Raghy Kriewaldt Pty Ltd ( ELK ), which prvides ffice premises t the Cmpany in Australia. All dealings with ELK are in the rdinary curse f business and n nrmal terms and cnditins. Rent paid t ELK during the quarter amunted t $13, Mr S El-Raghy prvides ffice premises t the Cmpany in Alexandria, Egypt. All dealings are in the rdinary curse f business and n nrmal terms and cnditins. Rent paid during the quarter amunted t $4, Mr C Cwden, a nn-executive directr, is als a directr and sharehlder f Cwden Limited, which prvides insurance brking services t the Cmpany. All dealings with Cwden Limited are in the rdinary curse f business and n nrmal terms and cnditins. Insurance premiums paid t Cwden Limited during the quarter amunted t $ See chapter 19 fr defined terms Appendix 5B Page 2 30/09/2001

14 Appendix 5B Mining explratin entity quarterly reprt Nn-cash financing and investing activities 2.1 Details f financing and investing transactins which have had a material effect n cnslidated assets and liabilities but did nt invlve cash flws Details f utlays made by ther entities t establish r increase their share in prjects in which the reprting entity has an interest - Financing facilities available Add ntes as necessary fr an understanding f the psitin. Amunt available $A 000 Amunt used $A Lan facilities Credit standby arrangements - - Estimated cash utflws fr next quarter $A Explratin and evaluatin 3, Develpment 16,500 Ttal 19,500 Recnciliatin f Cash Recnciliatin f cash at the end f the quarter (as shwn in the cnslidated statement f cash flws) t the related items in the accunts is as fllws. Current quarter $A 000 Previus quarter $A Cash n hand and at bank 1, Depsits at call 4,053 2, Bank verdraft Term depsits 46,092 50,633 Ttal: cash at end f quarter (item 1.22) 51,157 54,455 + See chapter 19 fr defined terms Appendix 5B Page 3 30/09/2001

15 Appendix 5B Mining explratin entity quarterly reprt Changes in interests in mining tenements Tenement reference 6.1 Interest in mining tenements relinquished, reduced r lapsed 6.2 Interests in mining tenements acquired r increased Nature f interest (nte (2)) Interest at beginning f quarter Interest at end f quarter Issued and quted securities at end f current quarter Descriptin includes rate f interest and any redemptin r cnversin rights tgether with prices and dates. Ttal number Number quted Issue price per security 7.1 Preference +securities (descriptin) 7.2 Changes during quarter (a) increases thrugh issues (b) decreases thrugh returns f capital, buy-backs, redemptins 7.3 +Ordinary securities 578,745, ,745, Changes during quarter (a) increases thrugh issues/ ptins exercise (b) decreases thrugh returns f capital, buy-backs 7.5 +Cnvertible debt securities (descriptin) 7.6 Changes during quarter (a) increases thrugh issues (b) decreases thrugh securities matured, cnverted 7.7 Optins (descriptin and cnversin factr) (see nte 3) Amunt paid up per security (see nte 3) 450, ,000 (See 7.9 belw) (See 7.9 belw) Emplyee Optin Plan , , , ,000 4,200,000 1,500, , Issued during quarter 7.9 Exercised during quarter 100, , ,000 73,000 77, Expired/lapsed during quarter 7.11 Debentures (ttals nly) 7.12 Unsecured ntes(ttals nly) + See chapter 19 fr defined terms Appendix 5B Page 4 30/09/2001 Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil 100, , ,000 73,000 77,000 Exercise price cents cents cents cents cents cents cents cents cents cents cents cents Expiry date 12/11/ /12/ /02/ /02/ /10/ /12/ /08/ /11/ /11/ /02/ /11/ /11/2006

16 Appendix 5B Mining explratin entity quarterly reprt Cmpliance statement 1. This statement has been prepared under accunting plicies which cmply with accunting standards as defined in the Crpratins Act r ther standards acceptable t ASX (see nte 4). 2. This statement des give a true and fair view f the matters disclsed. Sign here: Cmpany Secretary Date: 31 Octber 2006 Print name: Heidi Brwn Ntes 1. The quarterly reprt prvides a basis fr infrming the market hw the entity s activities have been financed fr the past quarter and the effect n its cash psitin. An entity wanting t disclse additinal infrmatin is encuraged t d s, in a nte r ntes attached t this reprt. 2. The Nature f interest (items 6.1 and 6.2) includes ptins in respect f interests in mining tenements acquired, exercised r lapsed during the reprting perid. If the entity is invlved in a jint venture agreement and there are cnditins precedent which will change its percentage interest in a mining tenement, it shuld disclse the change f percentage interest and cnditins precedent in the list required fr items 6.1 and Issued and quted securities The issue price and amunt paid up is nt required in items 7.1 and 7.3 fr fully paid securities. 4. The definitins in, and prvisins f, AASB 1022: Accunting fr Extractive Industries and AASB 1026: Statement f Cash Flws apply t this reprt. 5. Accunting Standards ASX will accept, fr example, the use f Internatinal Accunting Standards fr freign entities. If the standards used d nt address a tpic, the Australian standard n that tpic (if any) must be cmplied with. == == == == == + See chapter 19 fr defined terms Appendix 5B Page 5 30/09/2001