Bibliography. Barrier, E. and Angelier, J. (1986). Active collision

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1 $ ' ibliography Ambraseys, 1970 Some characteristic features of the Anatolian fault zone Tectonophysics, Angelier, J, ergerat, F, hu, H-T, and Lee, T-Q 1990 Tectonic analysis and the evolution of a curved collision belt The Hsuehshan Range, northern Taiwan Tectonophysics, Angelier, J, hu, H-T, and Lee, J Shear concentration in a collision zone kinematics of the hihshang fault as revealed by outcrop-scale quantification of active faulting, Longitudinal Valley, eastern Taiwan Tectonophysics, Angelier, J, hu, H-T, Lee, J-, and Hu, J Active faulting and earthquake risk The hihshang Fault case, Taiwan J Geodyn, Argus, D F, Heflin, M, Donnellan, A, Webb, F H, Dong, D, Hurst, K J, Jefferson, D, Lyzenga, G A, Watkins, M M, and Zumberge, J F 1999 Shortening and thickening of metropolitan Los Angeles measured and inferred by using geodesy Geology, Ayhan, M, Demir,, Lenk, O, Kiliçoglu, A, Altiner, Y, arka, A, rgintev, S, and Ozener, H 2002 Interseismic strain accumulation in the Marmara Sea region ulletin of the Seismological Society of America, arka, A, Akyüz, S, Altunel,, Sunal, G, akir, Z, Dikbaş, A, Yerli,, Armijo, R, Meyer,, habalier,, Rockwell, T, Dolan, J R, Hartleb, R, Dawson, T, hristofferson, S, Tucker, A, Fumal, T, Langridge, R, Stenner, H, Lettis, W, ackhuber, J, and Page, W 2002 The surface rupture and slip distribution of the 17 August 1999 Izmit earthquake M 74, orth Anatolian fault ulletin of the Seismological Society of America, arka, A A 1992 The orth Anatolian fault zone supplement Ann Tectonicae, arr, T D and Dahlen, F A 1990 onstraints on friction and stress in the Tai- an fold-and-thrust belt from heat flow and w geochronology Geology, arrier, and Angelier, J 196 Active collision in eastern Taiwan the oastal Range Tectonophysics, eavan, J and Haines, J 2001 ontemporary horizontal velocity and strain rate fields of the Pacific-Australian plate boundary zone through ew Zealand J Geophys Res, ennett, R A 200 ontemporary strain rates in the northern asin and Range province from GPS data tectonics, in press ennett, R A, Davis, J L, Meertens, M, Smith, R, and Wernicke, P 199 Integration of the northern asin and Range AR and Wasatch Front GPS networks for crustal deformation in and around the southern Intermountain seismic belt Seismological Research Letters, ennett, R A, Davis, J L, ormandeau, J, and Wernicke, P 2002 Space geodetic measurements of plate boundary deformation in the western US ordillera In Stein, S and Freymueller, J, editors, Plate boundary zones, Geodynamics 0, pages AGU ennett, R A, Davis, J L, and Wernicke, P 1999 Present-day pattern of ordilleran deformation in the western United States Geology, ennett, R A, Rodi, W, and Reilinger, R 1996 Global Positioning System constraints on fault slip rates in southern al- 117

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3 = A D ibliography 119 magnetic vectors Geol Soc Am ull, hai, H T 1972 Structure and tectonic 0e volution of Taiwan Am J Sci, hemenda, A I, Yang, R-K, Hsieh, -H, and Groholsky, A L 1997 volutionary model for the Taiwan collision based on physical modeling Tectonophysics, hemenda, A I, Yang, R-K, Stephan, J- F, Konstantinovskaya, A, and Ivanov, G M 2001 ew results from physical modeling of arc-continent collision in Tai- an volutionary model Tectonophysics, w hen, H 194 rustal uplift and subsidence in Taiwan An account based on retriangulation results Spec Publ entral Geol Surv, in hinese hinnery, M A 1970 arthquake displacement fields In Mansinha, L, editor, arthquake displacement fields and the rotation of the earth D Reidel Publ o, Dordrecht-Holland hristodoulis, D, Smith, D, Kolenkiewicz, R, Dunn, P J, Klosko, S M, Torrence, M H, Fricke, S K, and lackwell, S 195 Observing tectonic plate motions and deformations from satellite laser ranging J Geophys Res, respi, J M, han, Y, and Swaim, M S 1996 Synorogenic extension and exhumation of the Taiwan hinterland Geol- 5o gy, respi, J M, Liu, T-K, Hsieh, S, Lu, - Y, and hen, -H 1990 Structural and thermal evidence for extension in the high elevations of Taiwan os, Trans Am Geoph Union, Dahlen, F A 1990 ritical taper model of fold-and-thrust belts and accretionary wedges Ann Rev arth Planet Sci, Deffontaines,, Lacombe, O, Angelier, J, hu, H-T, Mouthereau, F, Lee, -T, Deramond, J, Lee, J-F, Yu, M-S, and Liew, P M 1997 Quarternary transfer faulting in the Taiwan Foothills vidence from a multisource approach Tectonophysics, DeLouis,, Giardini, D, Lundgren, P, and Salichon, J 2002 Joint inversion of In- SAR, GPS, teleseismic and strong-motion data for the spatial and temporal distribution of earthquake slip Application to the 1999 Izmit mainshock ulletin of the Seismological Society of America, DeMets,, Gordon, D, Argus, D F, and Stein, S 1990 urrent plate motions Geophys J Int, Dixon, T H, Farina, F, DeMets,, Suarez Vidal, F, Fletcher, Jand Marquez Azua,, Miller, M M, Sanchez, O, and Umhoefer, P 2000a ew kinematic models for Pacific-orth America motion from Ma to present ii, vidence for a aja alifornia shear zone Geophys Res Let, Dixon, T H, Miller, M, Farina, F, Wang, H, and Johnson, D 2000b Presentday motion of the Sierra evada block and some tectonic implications for the asin and Range province, orth American ordillera Tectonics, Dixon, T H, Robaudo, S, Lee, J, and Reheis, M 1995 onstraints on present-day asin and Range deformation from space geodesy Tectonics, Dokka, R K and Travis, J 1990 Role of the eastern alifornia shear zone in accommodating Pacific-orth America plate mo- tion Geophys Res Let, Du, Y and Aydin, A 199 Stress transfer during three sequential moderate earthquakes along the central alaveras fault, alifornia J Geophys Res, Du, Y, Aydin, A, and Segall, P 1992 omparison of various inversion techniques as

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6 Q Q Q D L D? Q > 122 ibliography faulting and block rotations in the western Transverse Ranges, alifornia J Geophys Res, 9522,07 22,07 Kahle, H-G, ocard, M, Peter, Y, Geiger, A, Reilinger, R, arka, A, and Veis, G 2000 GPS-derived strain rate field within the boundary zones of the urasian, African, and Arabian plates J Geophys Res, 1052,5 2,70 Kanamori, H 1977 The energy release in great earthquakes J Geophys Res, Kao, H, Shen, S-S J, and Ma, K-F 199 Transition from oblique subduction to collision arthquakes in the southernmost Ryukyu arc-taiwan region J Geophys Res, Kato, T, l-fiky, G S, Oware,, and Miyazaki, S 199 rustal strains in the Japanese island as deduced from dense GPS arrays Geophys Res Let, Kimura, M 195 ack-arc rifting in the Okinawa Trough $ Pet Geol, King, G, Oppenheimer, D, and Amelung, F 1994 lock versus continuum deformation in the Western United States arth Plan Sci Let, King,, Svarc, J L, Fogelman,, Gross, W K, lark, K W, Hamilton, G D, Stiffler, H, and Sutton, J M 1995 ontinuous GPS observations across the Hayward fault, alifornia, J Geophys Res, 10020,271 20,2 Kostrov, V V 1974 Seismic moment and 0ener gy of earthquakes, and seismic flow of rock arth Physics, Q Kosuga, M, Sato, H, Tanaka, T, and Shue, H 19 rustal movement along a collision boundary of plates case of east- Taiwan J Geodyn, ern Lachenbruch, A H, Sass, J H, and Morgan, P 1994 Thermal regime of the south- asin and Range province 2 Implica- 0ern tions of heat flow for regional extension and metamorphic core complexes J Geophys Res, ,121 22,1 Lacombe, O, Mouthereau, F, Deffontaines,, Angelier, J, hu, H T, and Lee, T 1999 Geometry and Quartenary kinematics of fold-and-thrust units in southwestern Taiwan Tectonics, Lacombe, O, Mouthereay, F, Angelier, J, and Deffontaines, 2001 Structural, geodetic and seismological evidence for tectonic escape in SW Taiwan Tectonophysics, 2 45 Lallemand, S, Font, Y, ijwaard, H, and Kao, H 2001 ew insights on -D plates interaction near Taiwan from tomography and tectonic implications Tectonophysics, Lallemand, S, Liu, -S, and Font, Y 1997 A tear fault boundary between the Taiwan orogen and the Ryukyu subduction zone Tectonophysics, Langbein, J 2002 $ Parkfield creep meter data detrended measure- from the past 10 years http ments quak ewrusgsgov QUAKS geodetic twocolor creep pkf 10yr detgif Langridge, R M, Stenner, H D, Fumal, T, hristofferson, S A, Rockwell, T K, Hartleb, R D, achhuber, J, and arka, A A 2002 Geometry, slip distribution and kinematics of surface rupture on the Sakarya fault segment during the 17 August 1999 Izmit, Turkey, earthquake ulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Lee, J- and Angelier, J 199 Localisation des déformations 0 actives et traitement des données 0 géod 0 0ésiques l exemple de la faille de la Vallée 0 Longitudinale, Taïwan ull Soc Géol, France, Lee, J-, Angelier, J, and hu, H-T 1997 Polyphase history and kinematics of a complex major fault zone in the northern Tai- an mountain belt The Lishan fault w Tectonophysics, Lee, J-, Angelier, J, hu, H-T, Hu, J-, and Jeng, F-S 2001 ontinuous monitoring of an active fault in a plate

7 Q? F ibliography 12 suture zone A creepmeter study of the hihshang fault, eastern Taiwan Tectono- physics, Lee, T-Q 199 Preliminary paleomagnetic study on lake sediments at Yuashan, Ilan, northeastern Taiwan ull Inst of arth Sci, Academica Sinica, Lee, T-Q, Angelier, J, hu, H-T, and erg- F 1991 Rotations in the northeast- 0erat, 0ern collision belt of Taiwan Preliminary results from paleomagnetism Tectono- physics, Lewis, S D and Hayes, D 19 The tectonics of nothward propagating subduction along eastern Luzon, Phillipine Islands Geophys Monogr, Li, X, ormier, V F, and Toksöz, M 2002 omplex source process of the 17 August 1999 Izmit, Turkey, earthquake ulletin of the Seismological Society of America, Lienkaemper, J, orchardt, G, and Lisowski, M 1991 Historic creep rate and potential for seismic slip along the Hayward fault, alifornia J Geophys Res, 961,261 1,2 Lin, -H 199 Tectonic implications of an aseismic belt beneath the eastern entral Range of Taiwan rustal subduction and 0e xhumation J Geol Soc hina, Lin, -H, Yeh, Y-H, Yen, H-Y, hen, K-K, and Huang, -S 199 Threedimensional elastic wave velocity structure of the hualien region of Taiwan vidence of active crustal exhumation Tectonics, Lin, M T and Tsai, Y 191 Seismotectonics in Taiwan-Luzon area ull Inst of arth Sci, Academica Sinica, Liu, 1995a Geodetic monitoring of mountain building in Taiwan os, Trans Am Geoph Union, Liu, b The Ilan Plain and the southwestward extending Okinawa Trough J Geol Soc hina, Lu, -Y and Malavieille, J 1994 Oblique convergence, indentation and rotation tectonics in the Taiwan mountain belt Insights from experimental modeling arth Plan Sci Let, Lu, -Y, Yu, S-, and hu, H-T 199 eotectonics of the Taiwan mountain belt In Fowler, M, hung, S-L, Lo, -H, and Lee, T-Y, editors, Mantle dynamics and plate interactions in ast Asia, Geodynamics 27, pages AGU Luyendyk, P, Kamerling, M J, and Terres, R R 190 Geometric model for eogene crustal rotations in southern alifornia Geol Soc Am ull, Lyons, S and Sandwell, D 200 Fault creep along the southern San Andreas from interferometric synthetic aperture rader, permanent scatterers, and stacking J Geophys Res, , doi j0011 Mahrer, K D and ur, A 1979 Static strike-slip faulting in a horizontally varying crust ulletin of the Seismological Society America, Malservisi, R, Furlong, K P, and Dixon, T H 2001 Influence of the earthquake cycle and lithospheric rheology on the dynamics of the eastern alifornia shear zone Geophys Res Let, Massonnet, D, Rossi, M, armona,, Adragna, F, Peltzer, G, Feigl, K, and Rabaute, T 199 The displacement field of the Landers earthquake mapped by radar interferometry ature, Matsu ura, M, Jackson, D D, and heng, A 196 Dislocation model for aseismic crustal deformation at Hollister, alifornia J Geophys Res, 9112,661 12,674 Mclusky, S, alassanian, S, arka, A, Demir,, rgintav, S, Georgiev, I, Gurkan, O, Hamburger, M, Hurst, K, Kahle, H, Kastens, K, Kekelidze, G, King, R, Kotzev, V, Lenk, O, Mahmoud, S, Mishin, A, adariya, M, Ouzounis, A, Paradissis, D, Peter, Y, Prilepin, M,

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