Statsstipend 2005/06 Utlendinger (Pool)

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1 Statsstipend 200/06 Utlendinger (Pool) Belgia Vermeren Karen Student Inspiration. Master painting Bulgaria Lekova- Kovachevca Anna Bulgaria Nikolova Bistra Bulgaria Pavlova Lora BA Bulgaria Stamatova Elena BA PhD/Ass. prof. Masterstudent Finland Melkumov Dimitri PhD Finland Miettinen Otto Kullervo M.Sc Finland Rutanen Niina Master Finland Tiiva Paivi M.Sc Finland Toropainen Outi Maria Fil.mag Slim Watchdogs: A lightweight solution for mobile devices to recognize and report arbitrary local events MA programme: "Culture, Environment and Sustainability" Master's Degree in Sport Science Study courses on Master's Degree Programme in Information Systems Post-Soviet Social Order in Russian Corporate Governance Mechanisms Tropical fungi in the herbarium of - type studies and research cooperation Interaction among 2 to -yearold children: Questions and challenges with qualitative study To attend relevant courses in Norway Niondeklassare skriver brev på finska: Analys av kommunikativt språkbruk Hogschool voor Wetenscaap & Kunst Bulgarian Academy of Sciences New Bulgarian, Sofia National Sports Academy "Vassil Levski" Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen Technical Sofia 2 9 Svenska handelshøgskolan Norges idrettshøgskole BI Finnish Museum of Natural History Helsinki Kuopio Åbo Akademi i Vasa Institutt for informatikk Samfunnsvitenskapelig fakultetet Institutt for informatikk Institutt for psykologi Institutt for språk- og kommunikasjons-studier Internasjonale stipend (IS)

2 Statsstipend 200/06 Utlendinger (Pool) 2 Irland Porter Edel Master Island Ketilsson Jonas Student Island Petursdottir Pora BA Island Vilhjalmsdottir Sigridur BA Israel Aluf Alexander Student Italia Bernasconi Matteo Master Italia Coda Nunziate Anna Master Italia Culeddu Sara Bachelor Italia Giorgi Gabriele PhD Italia Mastantuono Emanuela Bachelor Translating the untranslatable: a compartive study of two modern language translations of the verses of Egils saga Skalla- Grimssonar Metering of two phase flow in geothermal/petroleum reservoirs and pipes Commercial activity in Eastern Iceland in the Middle Ages Du, jeg og vi to. Språklig samhandling i barnehagekontekst Fullføre siste (4.) året i musikkutdannigen Active Acoustic Techniques applied to Marine Ecosystems Digitalization and encoding of a group of unpublished letters of Ludwig Wittgenstein En komparativ lesning av Vesaas' forfatterskap Workplace bullying: an integrated study of the problem in Norway and Italy Relations between Italy and Norway from 880 to 940 Leeds 4 Haskoli Islands Senter for middelalderstudier Institutt for petroliumsteknologi og anvendt geofysikk Haskoli Islands UiT Institutt for arkeologi (p.t.) 6 Tel-Aviv Academy of Music Universita degli studi di Pavia Università di Firenze Università di Firenze Verona Pisa NMH Havforskningsinstituttet Oslo kommune Kunstsamlingene Institutt for lingvistiske og nordiske studier Instrumentallinjen Wittgenstein- arkivet Institutt for lingvistiske og nordiske studier Institutt for psykologi Munch-museet Internasjonale stipend (IS)

3 Statsstipend 200/06 Utlendinger (Pool) Italia Messina Carlo PhD Italia Pettinato Simone PhD Italia Sbalzo Federico Edoardo Bachelor Japan Kanno Toshiko Master Japan Katagihara Satoko Master Japan Matsui Kenji PhD Japan Yamamoto Naoyuki Bachelor Japan Yoshida Sanae Bachelor Mexico Aguilar Hardy Alin Bachelor Early miocene magnetostratigraphy and astronomically-forced climatic changes Monitoring flood risk areas with microwave sensors on satellites Master in public administration The phenomenon of declining Japanese birth rate The Norwegian Folk Music and Society: A theoretical an practical study through the Norwegian hardingfele music Empirical research on ethical and policy issues of sharing human biological materials and databank Master programme in Theoretical Linguistics Receive lessons from Professor Jiri Hlinka Mastergrad i "intensive fish farming" Catania Italian National Research Council Universià degli Studi di Torino Hokkaido Education Kobe (avsluttet) Shiga of Medical Science Fukuoka Education Toho Gakuen School of Mucic Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Norut IT HiT UiT Barrat Due musikkinstitutt UMB Institutt for geovitenskap Institutt for administrasjon og organisasjonsvitenskap Institutt for offentlig rett Institutt for folkekultur Institutt for filosofi Institutt for språkvitenskap (ikke definert) Internasjonale stipend (IS)

4 Statsstipend 200/06 Utlendinger (Pool) 4 Mexico Betani Tepetla Marco Angel Mexico Castrejon Carmen Bachelor Mexico Mexico Mexico Chagoya Monroy de la Pena Barragan Vela Trevino Jesus Antonio Raquel Carlos Alberto Bachelor Materstudier i matematikk Bachelor Bachelor Bachelor Nederland De Wilde Marjolein Master - student Nederland Hazewinkel Jeroen Nederland van Riemsdijk Francoise M Masterstudent PhDstudent Polen Budziak Slawomir Student Polen Chrzankowsk a Anna Masterstudent Master of Visual Cultural Studies The use and function of Public International Law in the protection of the Immigrant Children's Human Rights Master program "Peace and conflict studies" LLM in information and communication technology Law Fitting brands to new products: Managing innovation within brands Polar Oceanography/Meterology Immigration, Belonging, and the (in-) Visibility of Difference :The Case of Polish Immigrants in Norway The language policy. - An attempt to substansiate the rightness of having an acitive language policy. Bottles for poems Universidad de Guanajuato and Centro de Investigacion Universidad de Monterrey Ciudad Ncional Autonoma de Mexico Universidad de Monterrey Universidad Panamericana Delft Technology Universiteit Utrecht Colorado Gdansk UiT NHH UNIS, Svalbard Norsk institutt for forskning om oppvekst, velferd og aldring (NOVA) Academy of Fine Kunsthøgskolen i Art, Wroslaw (avsl Oslo -04) Institutt for matematikk Samfunnsvitenskapelig fakultetet Juridisk fakultet Samfunns-vitenskapelig fakultetet Juridisk fakultet Institutt for strategi og ledelse Avdeling for geofysikk Senter for studier i vikingtid og nordisk middelalder Fakultet for visuell kunst Internasjonale stipend (IS)

5 Statsstipend 200/06 Utlendinger (Pool) Polen Hryciuk Renata Ewa PhDstudent Motherhood and Culture. Continuity and Change. The Case of Mexico The Graduate School for Social Research, Polish Ac of Sc, Warsaw Institutt for sosialantropologi Polen Niemierowicz Hanna Student Go indeep with (my) research about Scandinavian design The Wladyslaw Strzeminsk Academy of Fine Arts in Design in Lodz Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen Avdeling for design Polen Osica Natalia Student Development of the Norwegian System of Mediation from 970 to 2004 Warsaw Samfunnsvitenskapelig fakultetet Polen Pysz Agnieszka PhD- student The syntactic structure of nominal phrases (NPs/DPs) in the early stages of the English language Adam Mickiewicz, Poznan UiTø CASTL Polen Rydzak Felicjan PhDstudent Experimental Explorations of Decision making Focused on Resilience Analyses of Production Systems 7 Wroslaw Technology HiA Fakultet for teknologi Polen Wojcik Michal PhD student Experimental investigation of stresses and flow in silo with and without insert Gdansk of Technolgy Telemark tekniskindustrielle utviklingssenter (tel-tek) POSTEC Portugal Batista Luis Cand. Pharm. Pharmacological characterization and function of the glycyne receptors Copenhagen Medisinske fakultet Romania Rusu Claudia Student Kvinnen, en pseudo-tragisk skikkelse hos Ibsen Babes-Bolyai Senter for Ibsenstudier Internasjonale stipend (IS)

6 Statsstipend 200/06 Utlendinger (Pool) 6 Romania Stan Annamari a Masterstudent Romania Tataru Alina Student Russland Davydov Vladimir Specialist Russland Kiselev Sergey Russland Radionova Ekaterina PhDstudent Russland Shirobokov Sergei N. PhD Post graduate diploma Russland Simonova Veronika Specialist Russland Vennikova Natalia Bachelor Russland Zhuravkova Anna Journalist Sigrid Unsets liv og forfatterskap Medical Semester. 9A- 9th semester medicine Ethnocultural authenticity in the city (migrant studies) Design and optimization of the hight-power synchronous machines with nonsinusoidal air gap field distribution Immunophenotype studies of minor salivary glan celles under Chlomyolia Training Marketable and Effective Professionals in Norway: Assessing Student Learning Outcomes and its Relevance to the International Labour Market Interpretation of sociocultural space of the city by indigenous peope from the Far East (migrant studies) State governance of the Norwegian and Russian Petroleum Iindustry The image of Russia in Barents-region's Mass media Babes-Bolyai Bucharest St.-Petersburg State 2 Moscow Power Engineering Institute Russian International Friendship Omst State Pedagogical St.-Petersburg State Moscow State Pomor State NHH Institutt for lingvistiske og nordiske studier Fakultet for medisin Institutt for sosialantropologi Institutt for elkraftteknikk Broegelmann Forskningslaboratorium Samfunnsvitenskapelig fakultetet Institutt for sosialantropologi Inst for media og massekommunikasjon Internasjonale stipend (IS)

7 Statsstipend 200/06 Utlendinger (Pool) 7 Slovakia Bizkova Livia PhD Slovakia Chlipala Miroslav Mgr. Ing Slovakia Cunderlikova Beata PhD Slovakia Jalc Miroslav Student Slovakia Klus Martin PhD Slovakia Kozlova Zita Bachelor Spania Spania Brucet Balmana Garcia- Bordeje Sandra Enrique PhD PhD Assessment of socioeconomic vulnerability and adaptiaton potential of agriculture to extreme weather events of climate change in Slovakia Is the level of personal data protection proper? -aminolevulinic acid hexylester-mediated photodynamic therapy: A potential for the ex vivo purging of hematopietic stem cells grafts from cencer patients Study at a Norwegian medical university and preparation for thesis Norway as a non-european Union member state, ties, elites and concepts of decision-making Fleksibel integrasjon som en vei for Norge til EU Assessing feedingof copepod species using molecular probes and amino acids Growing nanofibers on carbon coated monoliths to be used as catalyst support Slovak Academy of Sciences Comenius faculty of Law International Laser Centre 2 Comenius, Bratislava Matej Ble Univerzita komenskeho, Bratislava Girona Instituto de Carboquimica, Radiumhospitalet CICERO Senter for informasjonsteknologi and administrative systemer (SITAS) Avdeling for patologi Medisinske fakultet Høgskolen i Molde Institutt for samfunnsfag Institutt for sammenlignende politikk Institutt for kjemisk prosessteknologi Internasjonale stipend (IS)

8 Statsstipend 200/06 Utlendinger (Pool) 8 Spania Gonzalez Gallego Jorge Master Spania Riera Constanza PhD Spania Spania Spania Sanchez Segura Sobron Sanchez Clara Isabel Maria del mar Pablo PhD PhD PhD Spania Vaz Jonathan Bachelor Storbritannia Brown Rosamun d Bachelor New design media and new architecrual thought. New ways of thinking, understanding and teaching architecture Applications of the Interlace Polynomial to Code Theory and Cryptography Retinal image analysis to detect and quantify lesiona associated with diabetic retinopathy Intercalibration of TEM and SEM x-ray microanalysis for the study of marine flagellates A Raman spectral characterization of diffusion processes of sulfuric acid into water Do pale males have faster sperm cells than brighter males in arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus)? Masters Degree Study in Performance (chamber music) Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Valladolid Universidad Complutense da Madrid Universidad de Valladolid Superior Council of Scientific Investigations Valladolid Universidad de Navarra Manchester (avsl v- 0) Arkitekthøgskolen i Oslo UiT Norgers musikkhøgskolen (NMH) Institutt for informatikk, Selmer senteret Institutt for datateknikk og informasjonsvitenskap Institutt for kjemi Kammermusikk Internasjonale stipend (IS)

9 Statsstipend 200/06 Utlendinger (Pool) 9 Storbritannia Lamb Sally MPhil Acquire skills and knowledge related to "my" area of study, following courses in Old Norse, Runology, Ships in Viking age Norway and the social history of medieval Scandinavia Cambridge Senter for studier i vikingtid og nordisk middelalder The role of religion in Storbritannia Steven Martin PhD contemporary Scandinavian Glascow politics Sveits Aderi Joana Bachelor Studere norsk jazz-musikk Musikhochschule Basel Studere journalistikk og Sveits Mehlhorn Anja Bachelor Universität Zürich Sveits Schellenberg Susanna PhD media Perception Involving Action and Thought Pittsburgh Sveits Seidel Katharina PhD Ta del av PhD Universität Basel Tsjekkia Assenza Gaudenz PhD Tsjekkia Cesak Dalibor Bachelor Tsjekkia Fiala Jiri PhD Tsjekkia Kuchta Roma Master What can the Czech Republic Learn from the Norwegian Experience? Training of Public Administrators to Improve the Implementation of EU rules: Lessons of Experience from Norway Structure and applications of locally constrained grahp homomorphisms Cestoda of fishes from Norway Palacky Olomouc Palacky Olomouc Universzita Karlova Academy of Sciences of the Czech republic UiT Institutt for statsvitenskap Musikkonservatoriet Institutt for media og kommunikasjon Institutt for filosofi Senter for middelalderstudier Institutt for statsvitenskap Samfunnsvitenskapelig fakultetet Institutt for informatikk Internasjonale stipend (IS)

10 Statsstipend 200/06 Utlendinger (Pool) Tsjekkia Olsevicova Kamila PhD Forskningsopphold ved 2 Hradec Kralove Institutt for datateknikk og informasjonsvitenskap Tsjekkia Pacasova Martina Bachelor Studier ved Masaryk How trophoblast/ HLA-G and Tyrkia Acar Nuray NK cells interact with each M.Scother during implantion in student normal and abnormal pregnancies Tyrkia Akpak Didem LLB Tyrkia Camursoy Okan PhDstudent Tyrkia Durak Murat M.Sc Tyrkia Guz Merih Bachelor Tyrkia Imren Veli Yildirim MD Tyrkia Kayaoglu Guven Dentist Tyrkia Kirman Ediz M.Sc Truth Commissions as an alternative dispute resolution in Human Rights Insitutt for sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi Akdeniz Univ St. Olavs hospital HF Bilgi Univ UiT High Energy Physics Ankara Univ Traceability of ultraviolet radiation measurements Education in an interactive medium (e-learning) and its evaluation in respect of visual communication Developing technical and material issues on congenital heart operations Effect of Collagen Adhesion by Enterococcus faecalis on Resistance to Endodontic Disinfectants Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Eocene Boyabat Basin, Turkey 8 Tubitak national Meterology Institute 7 Gazi Univ Gazi Univ Gazi Univ Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Rikshospitalet Samfunnsvitenskapelig fakultetet, Fredssenteret Institutt for fysikk and teknologi Institutt for fysikk Avdeling for design Thorax-kirurgisk avdeling Institutt for klinisk odontologi 8 Ankara Univ Institutt for geovitenskap Internasjonale stipend (IS)

11 Statsstipend 200/06 Utlendinger (Pool) Tyrkia Selbuz Levent M.Sc Tyrkia Seydibeyoglu Memet Øzgur CP-violation and Supersymmetry M.Sc Bio-Nano Composites 4 Ankara Univ Istanbul Technical Univ Tyrkia Unver Huseyin PhD Theoretical study of Nonlinear optic properties of some important organic compounds Tyrkia Zor Mustafa Aortic Surgery operations and MD Hakan off-pump CABG Gazi Univ Tyskland Strebel Sabine Bachelor MSc in International Business Berufsakademie Ungarn Arnyasi Mariann PhD Evaluation of the microsatellite examination results ( ) Soil CO2 fluxes of mountain tundre ( ) Soil CO2 fluxes of mountain Institutt for fysikk og teknologi Institutt for produktutvikling og materialer 6 Ankara Univ Institutt for kjemi Stuttgart Debrecen Ungarn Balogh Janos Master Szent Istvan Ungarn Czobel Szilard PhD Szent Istvan tundre ( ) Ungarn Ebert Zsofia Bachelor Georg Johannesen og "Ars ELTE institutt for Moriendi" nordistikk Ungarn Laky Dora PhD Budapest Water network rhabilitation planning by the application of Tech. And the CARE-W Economics Ungarn Munkacsi Eszter Bachelor Linn Ullmanns forfatterskap ELTE institutt for nordistikk Ungarn Polgar Tamas Bachelor Nordic Interest an Iterest Furthering Within the European Integration Process Corvinus Budapest, Rikshospitalet NHH UMB Thorax-kirurgisk avdeling Institutt for husdyr- og akvakulturvitenskap Institutt for lingvistikk og nordiske studier Institutt for vann og miljøteknikk Institutt for nordistikk og litteraturvitenskap Institutt for sammenliknende politikk Internasjonale stipend (IS)

12 Statsstipend 200/06 Utlendinger (Pool) 2 Ungarn Radnoty Peter Bachelor Ungarn Siklosy Zoltan Master Ungarn Simonyi Andras Master Ungarn Szabo Agnes Bachelor Ungarn Toth Mate Master Østerrike Avian Michael Master Østerrike Deutscher Janik Bachelor Exploring the Norwegian- Hungarian Economic Relationship Stable Isotope Stratigraphy of Hungarian speleothems- Climate variability preserved in stlagmite records Fregean Semantics for Demonstratives Folk Music Collections and Music Education. Hungarian- Norwegian Comparative Analysis Regional library supply in Norway. Possibilities of development in Hungary Remote Sensing and Geophysics as a tool for detecting climate change Monitoring Glacier Geometry Changes for Mass Balance Studies on Etonbreen Østerrike Ferbar Michaela Bachelor Master study in geosciences Østerrike Østerrike Gruber- Stadler Kellerer- Pirklbauer Margret Andreas Master Master Elemental Steps of Radical Ractions in the Atmospheric Cycling of Methane The climatic and geomorphic significance of rock glaciers 4 0 Corvinus Budapest Ungarian Academy of Sciences Central European Eötvös Lorand Eötvös Lorand Institute of Geography and Regional Sciences 4 Karl-Franzens Graz Vienna 2 Management Center Innsbruck Institute of Geography and Regional Sciences HiO Norsk Polarinstitutt Institutt for britiske og amerikanske studier Institutt for geovitenskap Institutt for filosofi Institutt for musikk og teater Institutt for journalistikk, bibliotek og informasjonsfag Institutt for geografi Institutt for geovitenskap Institutt for kjemi Institutt for geovitenskap Internasjonale stipend (IS)